Client—Das Tiffin Projekt
Creative Director—Veronika Forsythe
Designers—Veronika Forsythe
Music—Samuel Vine
Styling—Megan Hübner | Veronika Forsythe


To develop a friendly, accessible on trend corporate identity, app and landing page. In addition to this, the client needed a digital and print marketing strategy and content that was suited for environmentally conscious target market.

Beet Salad_01.jpg
Beet Salad_01.jpg


Das Tiffin Projekt is a small sustainability focused start-up looking to disrupt the food industry to eradicate take-away food waste and replacing with sustainable containers and solutions.



Design traits commonly used in the Environmentally conscious sector are green and brown tones, hand drawn fonts and rustic textures. With a desire to steer away from the norm yet still have a recognizable and trusting brand we chose a san serif type based logo, soft cool tones with a contrasting secondary palette and bright, friendly imagery. Always having the community and concept at the forefront of the business was important, never the product itself.

After developing the brand and producing multiple photoshoots and video shoots the client gained a lot of traction and support. Winning a kick starter and gaining funding through various government grants the app and landing page were developed.

With the app as the core focus to get the business started, we focused on the complex back end and wireframes. The development plan was split into 2 phases and the product UI was developed in Sketch, keeping the UX in mind a clean, simple minimalist design was our solution paired with welcoming, bright imagery.

Veronika was Creative Lead on all creative projects including; corporate identity design, website & app UI/UX design, outsourcing resources, photography & videography conceptualisation and direction.



Video for Das Tiffin Projekt

Directed + Producted by Veronika Forsythe

Filmed + Edited by BeccaandCo

Music by Samuel Vine

Photography by BeccaandCo 

Styling by Beccaandco + Veronika Forsythe