Creative Director—Steffen Stäuber
Art Director—Veronika Forsythe
Designers— Veronika Forsythe
Photography—Aatik Tasneem


One of Europe's most successful forward thinkers and entrepreneurs was eager to work with a team of change makers and facilitators to develop a new brand and platform. The name brings the words academy + alchemy together. The brief was to take this name and develop a conceptually strong brand and develop the early concepts of a product that embodies and shares the clients vision.



Alcadimia is embracing the opportunity to bringing the concept of an academy and alchemy together to facilitate and to support the next generation of human development.



To develop this conceptually strong brand we delved into the history behind the name. Where does Alchemy come from? What has formed the term Academy as we know it?

Here we found a lot of Greek mythology, spirituality, tradition, magic and mystery. The common denominators being community, bonding and sharing. We used this to develop the logo, using a combination of sacred geometry and the All Seeing Eye. Leaving the top line out to create the illusion of an open box to symbolise the potential for anything to go IN and OUT. The typography represents tradition and strength, here we chose Marion, a classic Serif to be paired with a San Serif. Shortly after the brand roll-out was executed, product wireframes and UI were designed and the business strategy finalised.

Alcadimia was to be developed into an exclusive paid platform for like minded individuals to not only network and share research but also access tutorials, events and join retreats.